Allana Pratt +

Allana Pratt

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX, coach to celebrities, a cum laude graduate of Columbia, Allana’s a single mom who triumphed over  an internal war of body shame and sexual guilt that destroyed her confidence, joy and softness.

Now, author of 3 books including ‘The Reluctant M.I.L.F.’ she pole dances for pleasure, and knows ‘When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’ She inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature to attract all the love and attention they choose. And she heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass honoring of women.

Thousands flock to her sexy empowering show Intimate Conversations LIVE. She’s here to end sexual violence on the planet, have stupid amounts of joy as a mother, ooze sensuality and inspire reverence for our exquisite sexual nature.

Amita Patel +

Coach Amita Patel

Amita is the Owner and Founder of Aligned Holistics, a coaching service that empowers individuals to create a life they love from a place of self-love vs. self-discipline.

As a coach, writer, and wellness expert, Amita works with individuals to break through their barriers and embrace lifestyle change from the inside-out. Her unique approach combines nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career, and personal philosophy.

Amita has been featured on CBS, NBC, and the Huffington Post. She received her Master's Degree from New York University and her Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Amy Morin, LCSW +

Amy Morin, LCSW

Amy Morin is a psychotherapist, college psychology instructor, and the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, a bestselling book that is being translated into more than 20 languages.

Through her keynote speeches, online trainings, and individual consultations, she teaches people how to develop the mental strength they need to reach their greatest potential.

Dr. Anne Brown +

Dr. Anne Brown

Dr. Anne Brown PhD, RN of Sausalito, California, formerly from Aspen, Colorado is a psychotherapist, speaker, coach, and the author of Backbone Power: The Science of Saying No.

For over twenty years she served as the trusted advocate and advisor to Influential Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Leaders, Physicians and their families whose connections extended far beyond Aspen, Colorado.

Combining her own professional experience with that of her no-nonsense mentor, the former Chilean Minister of Finance, political prisoner of Pinochet and corporate business consultant, Dr. Fernando Flores, Brown used a methodology that helped people reveal their blindness’s and learn to speak authentically thereby decreasing their suffering and increasing their dignity and authenticity.

Dr. Brown has been described by one client as “having a very caring way of going for the jugular.” Brown is a graduate of the University of Virginia, BS in Nursing; Boston University, MS in Psychiatric-Mental Health in Nursing; and International University, PhD in Addiction Studies. In 1997 Brown also reached a personal goal of obtaining her Black Belt in Soo Bahk Do.

Barb Greenberg +

Barb Greenberg

Barb Greenberg is a divorce transition expert and founder of  Rediscovering U, a company that provides eduction, support and resources for women who are on their own divorce journey. Barb divorced after thirty-three years of marriage and is passionate about guiding other women through this difficult and often painful life transition.

She is living proof there is hope in the most difficult of situations, and there is always an opportunity to reclaim your life. Her books include Hope Grew Round Me and After the Ball: A Woman's Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After


Belinda Christine +

Coach Belinda Christine

Belinda first started out in 1995 teaching budgeting classes to a battalion of soldiers and their wives in Hanau, Germany, a few years later taught Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and then created her own program to help couples and individuals.

She is a Relationship Coach who covers money topics in her coaching and group programs with the women she helps because she believes that money conversations and financial well-being are intrinsic to the health of any relationship.

Cary Carbonaro +

Cary Carbonaro, CFP

Cary Carbonaro aka “The Money Queen”TM is a Certified Financial Planner with an MBA in finance, and has over 25 years of experience in financial services.

In 2014, she was named an Ambassador for the CFP® Board, one of only 50 in the United States. Cary’s latest book “The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want Build Wealth and Banish Fear” (Morgan James, October 2015) is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in several countries.

Because of her credentials, Cary is frequently sought out for her expertise and has been quoted in a variety of well-known publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, New York Post, USA Today, The, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Bankrate, Time Magazine, Money Magazine, More Magazine, Kiplinger’s, US News & World Report and Investor’s Business Daily.

Deborah Moskovitch +

Coach Deborah Moskovitch

Deborah is a Divorce Coach supporting people in having more positive outcomes from their divorce, for a happier and healthier future. She understands divorce, because she has been through her own seven-year struggle that ended more than 13 years ago.

That process inspired Deborah to hunt for less painful ways to manage the divorce process and share it with others.

Since then, through her divorce coaching services, divorce kits and divorce books, she has researched and shared proven strategies and advice from 100 of North American’s top divorce lawyers, financial advisors, counsellors and other experts in her best selling resource book, The Smart Divorce. Deborah works with individuals worldwide.

Denise Dominguez +

Denise Dominguez

Originally from South Florida, where she raised her two children, Denise Dominguez is a coach mentor who helps women by having them face their fears and limiting beliefs that hinder then from living the life they dream of.

Denise has a clear vision for seeing the trouble-spots that exist in, every “stuck” situation and the creativity to transform it instantly.  She is a partner with YOUR OWN UNIVERSITY and the  host of “It’s YOUR Turn” Radio Show –Through her own struggles and divorce Denise has managed to come out of it with a smiling face and a positive attitude through it all.

Denise’s current mission is completing her book titled: Don’t Let the Blonde Hair and Pink Nails fool Ya. Tag line: I’m smarter and tougher than you think.  And she is the co-author of the book titled The Energy of Happiness that launched Jan. 28, 2015 and went straight to Amazons Best Seller within hours of the launch.

When Denise is not coaching women she is enjoying family time, cooking, traveling and going to rock concerts.

Devin Thorpe +

Devin Thorpe

Devin Thorpe, founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, calls himself a champion of social good. He writes about and advocates for those who are doing good.

He travels extensively as a volunteer doing service, as a journalist finding heroes and as a speaker sharing what he’s learned. As a Forbes Contributor he covers social entrepreneurship and impact investing. He’s produced over 500 episodes of his Your Mark on the World show featuring luminary change agents.

His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his entrepreneurial finance experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and mortgage broker, helping people use financial resources to do good. Previously he worked on the U.S. Senate Banking committee staff and earned an MBA at Cornell.

Emma Johnson +

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is an award-winning business journalist and creator of, which helps professional single moms thrive in career, money, parenting and dating and sex.

The host of Like a Mother with Emma Johnson on iTunes, named to U.S. New's 'Top 15 Personal Finance Podcasts,' Emma and her guests explore topics about motherhood that everyone is thinking about (but few are saying aloud).

As an expert, she has been featured by the NYT, WSJ, Money magazine, CNBC, NPR, Headline News, Woman's Day and others. She lives in New York City with her two children.

Gina Stenbeck +

Gina Stenbeck

Gina Stenback is a Certified Holistic Life and Mind Body Fitness Coach, Writer, Speaker, Host of the Vibrant Sexy Health Summit and the creator of Vibrant Sexy Life. She is a foodie at heart, a nature lover and an all around good mojo spreader.

Her coaching philosophy revolves around five things: simple, practical, delicious, fun and making the journey “your very own”. Through research, time, investments, energy, trial and error she was able to the root cause of her health issues and transformed her life.

That transformation is how Vibrant Sexy Life was born, her mission is to share the gift of optimal health and delicious living with as many people as she can.

Ginger Cauley +

Ginger Cauley

Ginger, with RE/MAX Nexus, was raised in Minnesota but is proud to call Longmont her home for the last 15 years. While working in Boulder as a property manager, she obtained over 10 years of real estate experience in the Boulder county market.

Her outgoing personality, offers an ideal combination of professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail that is essential in guiding her clients to finding their next dream home.

Joan Sotkin +

Joan Sotkin

Joan helps entrepreneurs and practitioners experience freedom from struggle personally, professionally, and financially.

She is THE expert when it comes to understanding how emotions learned in early childhood can affect a person's business and financial outcomes.

Thousands  have benefited from her groundbreaking book Build Your Money Muscles: and her ongoing support programs.

Judy Dituri +

Judy Dituri

Judy Dituri is an independent financial advisor living and working in Boulder County, Colorado. She comes to this career from a long background in related financial services.

Judy loves helping women through life’s difficult transitions—going from wife to widow, married to divorced, or employed to retired. Many times these women struggle with the confusion and complexity of all the financial decisions they face, a struggle that is especially hard if their husbands or partners always handled the family finances.

Judy offers a process for getting the clarity and understanding needed to make empowered financial decisions, so her clients can stop worrying about whether they’ll be able to pay the bills on their own and can confidently start their real work of learning to thrive in their new life situation.

Judy lives in Lafayette, Colorado, with her husband and their long-haired dachshund, Tashi. She is a dedicated practitioner of body-based meditation practices, an avid knitter and reader, and a dachshund whisperer.

Julie M. Casserly +

Julie M. Casserly

Julie Murphy Casserly (CLU, ChFC, CFP®) is an 19-year veteran of the financial services industry and has often been referred to as a financial healer.

She is turning the personal finance industry upside down by de-bunking standard financial planning processes and educating people about a new way of finding financial success…and it all starts from within.

As seen on WGN Chicago, CNBC-TV, Lifetime TV, Oprah & Friends Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and more, Julie is the founder of JMC Wealth Management in Chicago, motivational speaker and media expert on the topic of emotions and money.

Kenea Bains, Esq. +

Kenea Bains, Esq.

Kenea is a Financial Planner with California Financial Advisors.  She also has an extensive background in the legal field.

Kenea received her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University School of Law in 1999 and is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Kenea has had the privilege to work with hundreds of families in planning for their future and the legacy that they will leave behind to their heirs.  Her personal business experience in the farming, hospitality, and retail industries helps her understand the planning needs of individuals and small business owners.

Her passion for planning includes educating individuals on retirement planning and building wealth with long term strategies.  Kenea also enjoys speaking at various venues on the importance of comprehensive financial and estate planning.

Kimberly Koehler +

Coach Kimberly Koehler

Kimberly Koehler is a serial entrepreneur who started her first business when she was 19. Over the past two decades Kimberly has grown a successful real estate company and midst the recession she gave her self the permission to take her business an mentoring skills to grow yet another success.

Today with both companies running strong she coaches and mentors fellow entrepreneurs from around the world on how to turn their passions into profits. She is innovative, strategic, and will guide you through the journey.

Krista Barth, Esq. +

Krista Barth, Esq.

M. Krista Barth is an attorney licensed in Florida, New York, Maryland and Washington D.C.  She is a 22-year veteran of the practice of divorce law and divorce survivor.  Krista has spoken on issues of Family Law for National Organizations, television, and has acted as lead counsel representing a variety of high profile and high net worth individuals.

Her philosophy focuses on reducing the collateral damage of divorce and helping clients with children understand they are still “family”. In her free time, she enjoys writing about divorce and marriage as a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Kristen Judd +

Kristen Judd

Kristen specializes in working with women when it comes to money.  Her strengths excel in the area of education about money and how to put together a simple but flexible plan to works.  Money is emotional and if we let it - it can then make it stressful.  Education is key.

 Kristen is an expert when it come to making the hard - simple and easy, understanding where you stand currently, and helping create plans to get you where you want to go.  She also gets to say some pretty amazing things like:  she never charges a fee or loses your money.

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Kristen Marks, Esq. +

Kristen Marks, Esq.

Author, Speaker and Attorney Kristen Marks, founder of My Pink Lawyer®, has worked with women & families for 20 years helping them with their estate planning needs. Kristen understands that women often feel intimidated and overwhelmed when it comes to legal matters. Never intimidating nor stuffy, Kristen’s presentations are in high demand.

You don't have to be rich to benefit from practical and effective estate planning, including Wills, Trusts and naming guardians for your kids. EVERYONE has an estate plan whether you know it or not. A written estate plan custom designed for your family will ensure that YOUR wishes are carried out in the event of your incapacity or death.

Kristen has just authored a new book: "Wise Women Protect Their Assets: Essential Estate Planning Guide for Smart Women"

Linzi Levinson, MFTI +

Linzi Levinson, MFTI

Linzi enjoys a successful Relationship Counseling as well as a comprehensive Life Coaching practice which she manages in addition to her Radio Show, "Illuminating Now!  Linzi's Life Secrets."  On the #1 worldwide internet-radio network show,, as well as broadcasting on New Yorks #1 am station (WOR710) as the chosen Relationship Coach On-Call.

She is syndicated with 50 million listeners (plus) and interviewed regularly through, an elite team of thought leaders.

Linzi holds certifications in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Pepperdine Law with a Divorce Court Specialization. Linzi has a specialization in sexuality and works endlessly advocating sexual health, wellness, and gender diversity with educations of lifestyle choices.

Lisa Decker, CDFA +

Lisa Decker, CDFA

A nationally recognized expert in the financial matters of divorce and author of How to “Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Money®” (available on amazon Kindle), Ms. Decker is also the CEO and innovative mastermind behind several helpful, divorce-related sites including and

Lisa is a sought out national speaker, frequent radio show guest and featured expert on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates nationally, along with MONEY and Oprah magazines, the NY Times, and the Wall Street Journal speaking on topics that help people to be smart from the start and have saner, savvier, money-saving divorces.

Her latest endeavor, DivorceTown USA, seeks to connect divorce service providers with ideal clients and referral partners through a variety of online and offline directories and signature events including professional mixers, professional development days, and workshops for those in search of divorce advice.

Always seeking creative solutions, Lisa offers flat-fee services on her personal mission to “Improve the way America divorces, one family at a time™.” She specializes in helping people who are struggling with overwhelm and confusion in their divorce to move past it with confidence knowing that they got the best outcome possible for their finances, their family, and their future.

Lydia Dishman +

Lydia Dishman

Lydia is a veteran business journalist writing about the intersection of tech, leadership, commerce, and innovation.

Her work has appeared in Fast Company,Forbes, New York Times, Popular Science,CBS Moneywatch, and other print and online magazines.

Martha Hartney, Esq. +

Martha Hartney, Esq.

Martha Hartney graduated law school from the University of Denver while being a full time, single mother of two sons. She focused her studies on family, juvenile, and estate law. Martha has served as a pro bono guardian ad litem representing abused and delinquent children.

After law school, she was certified as a Child & Family Investigator through the Colorado Bar Association. She has also supported new mothers as a La Leche League Leader and been an advocate of attachment parenting and natural parenting. She is a mother to two young men, and bonus mom to two more.

Mary Kinkelaar +

Mary Deshong Kinkelaar, CFP

Mary's on a mission to help women and couples get smart, comfortable and focused with their money!

As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, she’s guided numerous clients one-on-one to break free of money confusion and overwhelm so they can enjoy life with financial confidence.

In 2009, she founded to share her message that practical financial knowledge is critical, but for most of us, knowing what to do is not enough -- we also need to understand our money beliefs and how to take constructive action with our finances.

Mary has been seen in Kiplinger, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, numerous online publications and on WGN TV.

In her down time, you'll usually find her in the kitchen with family and friends or on the hunt for culinary ingredients and gadgets. Yep, she’s a foodie.

Her most recent project -- Create Financial Confidence™-- is a 7 module online course where she teaches the key steps to mastering money with joy and ease.

Mindy Rowser +

Mindy Rowser

Mindy was a successful national corporate head hunter. She was divorced 10 years and decided it was time to find her soul mate. Mindy utilized her award winning resume sourcing skills, went on 100 first dates (or so it felt like) and is now traveling the country  with her husband of 7 years 2 young children and 6 figure business they built from the ground up. Learn how to date after divorce like a pro. Don't waste your time, learn how to follow your heart and be smart.

Monika Kovacs +

Monika Kovacs

With a background in health and fitness, over the years Monika has come to understand the power and importance of health and wellbeing in a person's life. Whether they want to lose weight, sleep better, regain control of their lives, or even business, health and their ability to meet life's challenges has a great deal to do with their level of health and overall wellbeing.

Monika is here to share a few simple tips anyone can begin right now, and if chosen so grow further and deeper into an even higher level of experience of wellbeing over time.
We have no idea how much is possible, unless we take that first step towards the greatness we all possess and are.

Nicole Liloia, LCSW +

Nicole Liloia, LCSW

Nicole Liloia is a licensed therapist, coach, and writer who helps smart yet stressed women make money doing work that they love so that they can enjoy success now instead of waiting for someday.

She received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and is also the creator of the Authentic Affiliate Academy. She is a contributor to Huffington Post, Forbes, Tiny Buddha, and Mind Body Green.

Peggy McColl +

Peggy McColl

Peggy McColl is a New York Times Best Selling Author of 10 Books!  Her books are sold in more than 82 countries and translated in more than 37 languages.  She has helped more authors reach best-seller success and build a solid foundation of revenue-producing through her programs and mentoring.

She has been hired and endorsed by some of the biggest named authors in the business; experts such as:  Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie
Ford, Marci Shimoff, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Gay Hendricks and many others.

AS a result of Peggy’s major contributions in the world, and her guidance to hundreds of authors who have achieved best-seller success as a result of Peggy’s guidance, she has also received glowing endorsements from Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Jim Rohn.  She is know as the “Gold Standard” in Online Book Marketing and Promotion.

Rala Brubaker +

Coach Rala Brubaker

Rala  is  the  founder  of  live  and  let  live  and  creator  of  Joyful  Adventures  in  Life.  She believes  everyone  should  live  their  lives  while  understanding  that  we  must  allow  room for  others  to  live  the  life  intended  for  them.

In  addition,  she  co-created  this  speaker series  with  Gina  Stenback  in  order  to  provide  a  forum  and  platform  for  others  to  speak about  their  life  experiences  and  join  together  to  create  community,  educational opportunities  and  support  as  a  group.

Through  joyful  adventures  in  life,  she  is  currently in  the  process  of  creating  her  next  big  “JoyVenture”  that  will  include  pre  and  post  group work  with  a  joyful  adventure  in  the  middle. Rala  is  a  mother  of  3,  an  adventurous  traveler,  a  planner,  a  little  bit  of  a  wild  child  and  a social  introvert  who  loves  her  time  alone!

She  is  looking  forward  to  the  JoyVenture  that is  in  the  process  of  creation  and  sharing  an  experience  with  like  minded  women  ready to  get  out  of  their  own  way  and  Embrace selves  true  selves together.

Rebecca Zung, Esq. +

Rebecca Zung, Esq.

A founding partner of Zung Clough Law, PLLC in Naples, Florida.  Rebecca’s practice is focused exclusively on marital and family law.  She has been designated a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel’s 2015 Top 1 % of family law attorneys in the country.

Rebecca has also been recognized as one of Florida’s Legal Elite (Top 1%) by Trend Magazine and her firm was recognized as one of the Top Law Firms of 2015 in the United States by US News and World Report.  She is also AV pre-eminent rated in family law by Martindale Hubbell.

She is the author of a book "Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide to Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Freedom" which can be found on; and has appeared on television and radio shows like, Good Day New York, CBS Bay Sunday, Dr. Drew, and NPR Radio, and print media across the country in,; Forbes, Newsweek, YahooFinance,;; and

Roz Smith Esq. +

Roz Bateman Smith, Esq.

A native of Sonoma County, Ms. Bateman Smith provides skilled legal services that include a listening ear for clients and a strong knowledge of courtroom operations. Many years of employment with the Sonoma County Superior Court gives her a unique perspective on the courts and the practical side of practicing law.

With all clients, Roz performs as an advocate with an assertive force with the opposing side balanced by a compassionate heart for the clients and children of clients. In addition, Ms. Bateman Smith works will a variety of clients regardless of gender, race or sexual preference.

Scot McKay +

Coach Scot McKay

Scot built a wildly successful corporate career, building relationships with C-level executives, winning top sales awards and working on billion-dollar projects. But when a difficult divorced ransacked Scot’s world he hit rock bottom.  In his heart he knew everything had to change.  He set out to understand women and find out what they wanted from a great man.

Soon he was spending time with wonderful women who were beautiful on the inside and out.  His friends began insisting that he spill all of his secrets to dating success.  But all the while, Scot was already sensing it was time to walk away from the corporate world and return to what he was most passionate about:  empowering others to greatness.

With that renewed vision and purpose, Scot burst onto the dating advice scene in 2005 and was soon selected as a guest for both Doc Love’s radio show and David DeAngelo’s Interviews With Dating Gurus series within a year.

He quickly set himself apart among elite world-class dating coaches with a unique approach built around the philosophy of “deserving what you want”.  Ten years later Scot is widely considered to be one of the most recognized and effective dating coaches on the global stage.

Scot is the four-time Amazon #1 bestselling author of What Works With Women, Women Made Easy, Most Valuable Player and Flirting Like Wildfire.

Susan De Robertis +

Susan De Robertis

Susan De Robertis is a transformation and empowerment coach, motivational speaker and writer.
Her mission is to teach women to live life on purpose, have the confidence and clarity to claim their voice and create financial freedom and fulfillment. Susan believes that when a woman is empowered she transforms her life and is able to make better decisions for herself.

Susan is not only a Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Mediator and Certified Transformational  Healer but also has an extensive background of 25 years in finance and accounting.
Susan brings all her experience of being divorced herself, knowing what a woman needs emotionally and finally having the financial expertise to guide you through your transition to a new life where you are at peace and have the financial resources to live the life of your dreams.

She has studied and trained with international coach David Dowd, a founding member of Coach U. and lives in Westchester, New York with her cat Jackie Jack.
Susan Walsh +

Susan Walsh, MBA

Since earning my MBA in 1983 from The Wharton School, Susan has worked with companies and non-profit organizations to identify key challenges and opportunities, and formulate winning strategies. Hooking Up Smart brings together my passion and concern for young people with a professional, practical and systematic problem-solving approach.

Both in real life and at Hooking Up Smart, Susan has been a mentor and counselor to young people trying to navigate the hookup culture and find love in a bear market.

Tanya Stewart, Esq. +

Tanya Stewart, Esq.

Tanya Stewart, “The Turning Point Coach” founded The Stewart Law Firm in 2001. Her law firm specialized exclusively in the practice of high conflict litigation. She was known in the media as “The Happy Divorce Lawyer.”

During 15 years of active practice she grew skilled in taking lives and businesses apart. Now she prefers putting them back together. She is a full time life coach, speaker and author.

She began The Work Well providing life & business coaching solutions in 2008. She teaches and coaches on whole life transformation through fearless focus, self-commitment and truth. Find your life purpose and divorce recovery with a holistic approach. She “Gives Success a Deadline”TM.

She believes in God, entrepreneurs, real love and speaks “Ego”. She doesn’t believe in risk to clients and she works to motivate her clients to finally take their next steps so they can stop feeling guilty over being stuck.

Tom Corley +

Tom Corley, CPA & CFP

In Tom’s five-year study of the rich and poor he identified over 300 daily habits that separated the “haves” from the “have nots.”

Tom is s bestselling author and award winning author. His books include: Rich Habits, Rich Kids and Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

He has appeared on or in CBS Nightly News, The Dave Ramsey Show, CNN, MSN Money, the Huffington Post, Marketplace Money SUCCESS, Inc., Money, and Kiplinger’s and thousands of other media outlets.

Tom is a frequent contributor to Business Insider and  Tom is also a CPA, CFP and holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation and heads a top financial firm in New Jersey.


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